1. Act 1: The Morning’s Hush

When you awaken in the morning’s hush,

-Mary Elizabeth Frye, 1932

Scenes 1-2Scenes 3-5

Scenes 6-10Scenes 11-14Scenes 15-16Scenes 17-20

Scene 21Scenes 22-23

Intermission (Scenes 1-2)

Dramatis Personae

Principal Cast

Abraham Armstrong, the superhero Canaveral and leader of the New Champions, who commands kinetic energy. (he/him)
David Kaufman, a chronically ill poetry professor and Quinn’s father. (he/him)
Quinn Kaufman, a college student studying to be a doctor. (they/them)

A League of Heroes

Benjamin Brant, the superhero Starling. (he/him)
Emilia Alvarez, the superheroine Zookeeper and a friend of Abraham, Maxwell, and Miriam. (she/her)
Miriam Wright, the superheroine Anima. (she/her)
Niccolo Mellas, the young superhero Hypnos, who can project his senses at a distance. (he/him)

Various Villains

Alessandra DeVitto, a supervillainess and a friend of Miriam. (she/her)
Maria DeVitto, a supervillainess, Alessandra’s wife, and a friend of Miriam. (she/her)
Maxwell Copperfield, the supervillain The Magnificent Maxwell, who can magically store objects in a pocket dimension. (he/him)

A Collection of Civilians

Devon Durandel, David’s former doctor and a friend of Quinn. (they/them)
Joanne Marigold, a history professor concerned for her students. (she/her)


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