I’m sorry to place Paternum on hold, particularly at such a dramatic point in the narrative, but I’m afraid I have to. The quarantine has been very hard on me creatively, and as the months went on I’ve found it more and more difficult to write until now, I have nothing left. While I normally keep myself months ahead of what’s published, right now I have nothing written ahead – the queue is empty, and so, sadly, is my creativity. On top of that, I’m returning to college for a second degree, which is taking up a great deal of my time and leaving me without the mental energy to write even when I can muster up the creative energy.

This does not mean that Paternum is dead and gone – far from it. I have every confidence that once the pandemic has passed, this creative block will too, and I’ll be able to write once more. At that point I’ll build up a queue and begin posting on my normal weekly schedule again.

For now, however, I sadly have to put Paternum on hold. I can’t give an estimate of how long this hiatus will last, because, well… but I promise, it is only a hiatus. Paternum will return – Quinn will return – Holly and Abe and the Round Table will return. I have the entire story planned out, and I will see it through – I just need a little extra time.

Thank you for understanding.

J. C. Weston

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