2. Act 3: The Truth You’ve Spoken

If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken,
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,

-Rudyard Kipling, 1895

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Intermission (Scenes 1-5)

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Dramatis Personae

Principal Characters

Quinn Kaufman, the young superhero Newton, who has telekinetic and extrasensory abilities. (they/them)
Holly Koval, the young superhero Loki and Quinn’s best friend, who creates illusions. (she/her and he/him)

Champions and Apprentices

Abraham Armstrong, the superhero Canaveral and leader of the New Champions, who commands kinetic energy. (he/him)
Benjamin Brant, the superhero Starling, who can fly for brief moments and creates incredible technology. (he/him)
Emilia Alvarez, the superheroine Zookeeper, who transforms into animals. (she/her)
Jack Forester, the young superhero Sequoia and Niccolo’s boyfriend, who transforms into wood. (he/him)
Miriam Wright, the superheroine Anima, who commands the energy of life. (she/her)
Molly Madigan, the young superheroine Referee, who imposes fairness in an aura around her. (she/her)
Niccolo Mellas, the young superhero Hypnos, who can project his senses at a distance. (he/him)
Simone Destrey, the young superheroine Journey, who teleports. (she/her)

 Knights and Knaves

Alessandra DeVitto, the supervillainess Hertz and a friend of Miriam. (she/her)
Arthur Könberg, the retired supervillain The Mountain King. (he/him)
Delilah Koval, the retired supervillain The Maestra, Holly’s mother, and a mage specializing in illusion magic. (she/her)
Dominic Könberg, the supervillain Sir Amethyst and one of Arthur’s sons, who commands all the elements of the earth. (he/him)
Jacob Koval, the retired supervillain The Maestro, Holly’s father, and a mage specializing in enchantment magic. (he/him)
Jennifer Könberg, the supervillainess Dame Adamant and one of Arthur’s wives, who is invulnerable to harm. (she/her)
Maria DeVitto, the supervillainess La Borda, Alessandra’s wife, and a friend of Miriam. (she/her)
Miles Mercer, an employee of the Ambrosia Company also known as Middleman, who can magically trade things of similar value. (he/him)
Morgan Könberg, Arthur and Jennifer’s wife and an accomplished artificer. (she/her)
Percival Könberg, the supervillain Sir Ardent and Dominic’s younger brother, who has super strength. (he/him)
Susan Thornhill, CEO and owner of the Ambrosia Company and Secretary of Metahuman Affairs.
Tristan Könberg, the supervillain Sir Alacrity and Arthur’s youngest son, who has super speed. (he/him)
Vivian Könberg, the supervillainess Dame Acumen and Arthur’s only daughter, who magically manipulates objects. (she/her)

 Lords and Ladies

Devon Durandel, David’s former doctor and a friend of Quinn’s. (they/them)
Lucas Apollon, a strategic and public relations consultant for the MLED. (he/him)
Susan Shepard, the local director of the Metahuman Law Enforcement Division, or MLED. (she/her)
Saige Sanders, a young chemist and a friend of Alessandra’s. (she/her)

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