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Paternum: A Superhero Serial

When Quinn finds an experimental superpower-granting costume in their parents’ attic, they didn’t expect to be drawn into a web of superhuman intrigue, but their discovery serves as the catalyst for that conspiracy to slowly unravel.

… this is the standout hero story that reminds one of lighthearted marvel and dc comics … always an addicting read.” Darch

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Paternum is a superhero story following a brand-new superhero through their origin story and beyond, which thematically focuses on different relationships between children and their parents. It is planned to last for 5 books, two of which are already complete and available for purchase.

This is the currently updating serial.

The Court Magician

All he wanted was to study magic at the direction of his mentor, and live a quiet life with his books. But that plan had to change when the duke called his mentor to serve him as the country’s new court magician…

The Court Magician is a fantasy story about a magician’s apprentice who finds himself out of his depth when his master takes the position of court magician for a duke under magical attack. The first draft is finished, and I’m currently waiting for feedback from beta readers before I start work on a second draft.

This is the currently in-progress novel.

The Emypread

The Empyreal Sea – an alternate plane of existence in which the greatest and most terrible of spirits dwell. An entire world, perhaps even multiple worlds, untouched by human eyes. The final frontier unexplored by the greatest of all civilizations. What will we find when we traverse it?

The Empyread is a modern fantasy story about the first explorers of the Empyreal Sea – it’s planned to be somewhere between Star Trek and Journey to the West, with a focus on three main characters as they journey into the unknown and then return home. I have a rough outline for it, covering 4 books that would each be a bit longer than those of Paternum. I currently intend for the Empyread to be published to this site as a serial after Paternum finishes, so this is a ways off.

Ruins of the Empire

Once upon a time, there was a great empire. It ruled over the entire world through the power of magic, reshaping everything from the future to the past to the continents themselves at the direction of its mighty mage-kings. But magic vanished, and the empire fell. This is what comes next…

Ruins of the Empire is a fantasy story which I was actually working on before Paternum or the Court Magician, but which fell by the wayside for a while – I intend to return to it, however. Ruins is essentially about three adventurers attempting to determine what, exactly, happened to magic and the lost empire. It’s plotted out a little more roughly than Paternum, but will most likely take place over 3 books – whether I want to serialize it or publish those books, when I eventually get to them, I’m unsure of.

Unnamed Paternum Sequel

Even farther off and less planned than The Empyread is a possible sequel to Paternum. If I write this, it would most likely center on Holly as the main character, and I have a very rough concept for what the central conflict will be – enough that I’ve sprinkled in hints of it within Paternum. However, it’s so far in the future that I haven’t taken the time to plan it out in any detail – not even whether or not it will be serialized like Paternum is.

Unnamed Mythological Heist Story

Another story I intend to write, but which is only roughly planned out, this is a fantasy story which would center on a guile-hero protagonist attempting to escape from the Underworld back into life. As this would be a single novel rather than a lengthy series like the Empyread or the unnamed sequel to Paternum, its place in my schedule is after The Court Magician is completed, so more details for this (a name, for example) will be coming.

Divinity Lost

A dark, but brightening fantasy story about a world ruled by a single malevolent, tyrannical god – who has just died. Pieces of his power fall the the world and are gathered up by many people, including the protagonist – over the course of the story, they improve the world and ascend to eventually become the gods of the world by the story’s conclusion. Much like Ruins of the Empire, this story might be serialized or might just be published. I don’t even have an outline here, so it’s a long way off.

Concepts Only

Along with the above stories, which I either have already written or firmly intend to write, I have some concepts for stories which may or may not ever be written. These include:

A science fiction story about time travel, centering on an agent for an governmental department that regulates powerful technology. The agent has custody over several younger versions of himself who he must protect in order to prevent paradox.

An urban/modern fantasy story in which the only magic is necromancy, interacting with and controlling ghosts. I have the magic system for this developed decently well, but the plot is rough.

A comedic story about alternate universes colliding, specifically centering on the characters from a high fantasy setting and a science fiction setting which are forced to work together. Would involve a lot of humor and genre savviness (often failing due to the wrong genre’s rules being in effect at the time).