Paternum Reviews

… an inclusive superhero story that improves the genre in a fresh, modern way. … In addition to the queer, non-binary protagonist, characters of all colors and abilities appear throughout the story. The addition of these characters feels natural, not forced, and the result is a world that more accurately mirrors the real one. … A superhero story for the modern era, J. C. Weston’s THE SWEET UPLIFTING RUSH AND DRAWING HANDS offer readers a unique protagonist, an abundance of action, and all-encompassing inclusivity.

Jennifer Noll for Indiereader

… I couldn’t be happier with the protagonist. … this is the standout hero story that reminds one of lighthearted marvel and dc comics. … It’s just a good story to sit down and enjoy after a long day. The stakes are reasonable, the decisions are real with relatable consequences, and every single character so far is enjoyable.  … the interactions between the groups is always an addicting read. This world is great and deserves a lot more attention …


I absolutely love this story. … the style of writing is very nice, smooth and easy to read. … the grammar is ace … nearly every chapter furthers the story or the characters … beautifully done. … the story is different, unique, and worth discovering. … characters feel as though they are alive. … 10 out of 10.

Lone Star

… I’m loving the MC. They are interesting and I love the relationship they have with their dad. … The sketches throughout are a nice added touch.

Nova Girl93

… this story is off to a great start. Quinn, the main character has a well defined personality so far and an intriguing situation in a world of super powers and magic. … I’m looking forward to seeing where this one goes!


… I love the character art … I love the story and the characters. A ton of representation which is always welcome, and the author clearly works to make the people in this story feel genuine and it really shows. The story is written pretty uniquely, and often you’ll get insight into how the different characters think or act. I laughed, I cried … I hope you give this book a read!

Jay Ramos

This book was a great superhero novel overall with a nice mix of expected tropes and fresh material … Very enjoyable read.

Nathan Meyers

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