I can be contacted on a number of different social networks, including…

Through email, as
On Twitter, as theVoidWatches
On Tumblr, as thevoidwatches
On Reddit, as theVoidWatches
On Discord, as theVoidWatches#9371
On Instagram, as thevoidwatches

I don’t promise a reply on any of these, but I check all of them with varying levels of regularity and am likely to see if you message or tag me.

I track a handful of tags on twitter, tumblr, and isntagram – if you post about my writing or one of my stories, please use its tag so I can see it! Alternatively, there are tags that I keep blacklisted, so if you have commentary that you specifically don’t want me to see – or if you decide write or draw porn of the characters – please use one of those tags so I can’t. I encourage all forms of fan content, but… there are some forms that I don’t want to see myself.

General tags
#thevoidwatches is tracked, and #thevoidleers is blacklisted.

Paternum Tags
#paternumbook is tracked, and #maternumbook is blacklisted.

I use she/her and they/them pronouns, prefer being called either Ms or Mx, and can be addressed as Void, Weston, JC, or any combination of those names and titles.