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Most of Paternum is available for free online, but every other arc – the “lesser arcs”, as I describe them – is exclusive to donors. They can be read either by becoming a $5+ donor on Patreon or by buying the novelized versions of the books. This page will also serve as a hub to purchase my other books from – Paternum isn’t the only thing I’m working on, and whatever serialized story comes after it won’t be either.

Arcs 1 and 1.5 – the Swift Uplifting Rush & Drawing Hands were published online between May 4th, 2019 and December 28th, 2019, and as a single novel on January 1st, 2020. They can be purchased from Amazon either as an ebook for $4.99, or as a paperback for $13.99. Alternatively, you can buy an ebook directly from me for only $3.99 – unlike Amazon, I provide .epubs. Ebook versions of these arcs – both combined into one and split into two – are also available to anyone who donates $5 or more through Patreon, distributed through Discord.

The Swift Uplifting Rush & Drawing Hands

In The Swift Uplifting Rush, Quinn is shocked out of their normal college life when they find one of their missing mother’s inventions, left behind in the family attic, and it grants them superhuman power that they had never expected to have. Before they can even begin to consider the implications of this, however, the city is invaded by a powerful shapeshifting villain called Legion, who carries a message that could rock the foundations of Quinn’s life even without her other nefarious plans coming to fruition...


Future arcs will be distributed similarly – available in paperback or ebook through Amazon, or as discounted .epubs directly from me. Paternum’s arcs will continue to be available for $5 patrons, as will exclusive content for serialized stories after Paternum, but other novels will only be available as purchases.