1. Act 2: In Circling Flight

Quiet birds in circling flight,

-Mary Elizabeth Frye, 1932

Scenes 1-2, Scene 3, Scenes 4-7, Scenes 8-10

Scenes 11-12, Scenes 13-14, Scenes 15-16, Scene 17, Scenes 18-20, Scenes 21-22, Scenes 23-24, Scenes 25-27

Scenes 28-29, Scenes 30-31, Scenes 32-35, Scene 36-37

Intermission (Scenes 1-5)

Dramatis Personae

Principal Cast

Abraham Armstrong, the superhero Canaveral and leader of the New Champions, who commands kinetic energy. (he/him)
Penelope Page(s), the supervillain(s) Legion, who can change her shape and duplicate herself. (she/her)

  • Blue, a 2nd generation incarnation of Legion who enjoys being challenged. (she/her)
  • Student, a 3rd generation incarnation of Legion who seeks to repay a debt. (she/her)
  • Butch, a 3rd generation incarnation of Legion who desires revenge on another’s behalf. (she/her)

Quinn Kaufman, a recently-empowered metahuman unsure about their future. (they/them)

A Society of Heroes

Adam Abelard, the superhero Vulcan, who can transform into metal to create both ice and fire. (he/him)
Benjamin Brant, the superhero Starling, who can fly for brief moments and creates incredible technology. (he/him)
Emilia Alvarez, the superheroine Zookeeper and Abraham’s girlfriend, who can transform into animals. (she/her)
Holly Koval, the young superhero Loki, who can magically shape light and sound into illusions. (she/her and he/him)
Jack Forester, the young superhero Sequoia and Niccolo’s boyfriend, who can transform into wood. (he/him)
Miriam Wright, the superheroine Anima, who can command the zoetic energy of life. (she/her)
Molly Madigan, the young superheroine Referee, who imposes fairness in an aura around her. (she/her)
Niccolo Mellas, the young superhero Hypnos, who can project his senses at a distance. (he/him)
Simone Destrey, the young superheroine Journey and a friend of Holly, who can teleport. (she/her)
William Wordsworth, the superhero Ventus and an ex-boyfriend of Abraham, who can control the wind. (he/him)

An Arrangement of Others

David Kaufman, a chronically ill poetry professor and Quinn’s father. (he/him)
Henry Blackmire, the former local director and now local deputy director of the Metahuman Law Enforcement Division, or MLED. (he/him)
Laura Kaufman, a scientist in the employ of the Ambrosia Company. (she/her)
Maxwell Copperfield, the supervillain The Magnificent Maxwell and the ex-boyfriend of Emilia and Abraham, who can magically store objects in a pocket dimension. (he/him)
Susan Shepard, the local director of the MLED. (she/her)

Intermission | Next Chapter

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1 thought on “1. Act 2: In Circling Flight”

  1. Our fun fact for Act 2’s table of contents is that the line breaks between groups of scenes aren’t random. I divide everything into three acts as I plan out the story – Arcs 1, 2-4, and 5 are each their own act as far as the overall story goes (with 2-4 being further divided into the individual arcs 2, 3, and 4), each arc obviously has its 3 acts, and the individual acts, too, are divided into three in my planning. It helps me keep the structure of the story intact and to be aware of what I’m doing in each section of the story. So here we have the three parts of act 2, each on an individual line.

    The exception to this overall structure are the intermissions, which serve to break up the story somewhat and to reduce tension. The patron-exclusive Arcs are similarly intermission arcs appended to one of the main arcs, considerably shorter and serving the same purpose on another next level up. Be glad I didn’t go so far as to have intermissions breaking up each act, as well!


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